We chose three main areas of a mountain (resort) to demonstrate the core functionalities for this concept prototype. Some of the thoughts behind the idea are described below. This is by no means a comprehensive list but should reveal some of the research that was conducted. The functionalities are not only geared towards a general 'riding' public but also to instructors, guides, rescue teams, and maintenance staff.


Riding the park. It's all about jibbin' those rails, getting air in the pipe, and throwing some kick flips!

* Most riders/skiers wants a picture or video of themselves to show off their tricks.
* Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Mountain biking show all the elements of freestyle.
* Cell phone penetration amongst riders (in particular in Europe) is extremely high.
* Personalization is important. Stencils, stickers, or graffiti on gear and clothing is a common sight.
* Movement analysis for snowboarding instructors. If you see yourself you can better determine what you do wrong.

Functionality: Transmit images to a display embedded in the jacket


Hitting the slopes. It's all about riding well-groomed terrain with your posse.

* Riders/skiiers want to know where their friends/family members are when they got separated.
* Unfamiliarity with the terrain often causes problems in determining meeting places.
* Real-time information about slope conditions and lifts can make the experience on the mountain more pleasant.
* Simple communication is enough: Let's go in, I'm hungry, I got hurt, Let's meet here, ...

Functionality: Locate your posse, communicate, and receive location specific information


Hiking the backcountry. It's about untouched lines, fresh powder, and the silence of the snow.

* Dehydration, altitude sickness, and exhaustion are common problems.
* Avalanches are a constant thread.
* Unknown territory can cause accidents; i.e. crevasses, cliffs, overhangs.

Functionality: Monitor biometric data to increase performance levels and improve safety